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    William Eggleston

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  3. Face — Donna

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    Whitstable Carnival 2014


  8. "

    I’m not dismissing large prints out of hand. I think they can work in certain circumstances. They have their place. But for me the tendency is to repel. I need to stand several feet away to see the image. Sometimes I can take in a whole room in one slow sweep standing in the center, so physically it can be very non-interactive.

    But with small prints every photo requires an intimate visit. You’ve got to move side to side. You must engage. Photographs can pack an amazing amount of information into just fifteen or twenty square inches! Sometimes it pays to read the small print.

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    Cascade, 2010-2011

    Thomas Bangsted


  10. "But the good photos —the ones that I appreciate more over time— are the ones which open themselves to questions like these and don’t try to answer them. I might look at this photo of Ben and Zane in 10 years and still wonder what’s going on. Or maybe by then something will have happened which explains the scene. The ones which change —I suspect those are the keepers."
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    The promotional postcards for my next show arrived- I’ve got one last darkroom session scheduled and then it is time to figure out what prints will go up on the wall. I don’t stress out too much on this part. Since I’m the one who took them it’s easy.

    Listen: If you’re interested in making honest work there’s really no point in getting caught up in distancing yourself from your photographs through time or other people. If you’re shooting for yourself, why separate the feeling from the picture that way? Editing should be exciting and not a struggle. Sequencing is even easier. Since each entry is work made since the previous show I mostly just put them up in the order they were taken.  This is how I do it, anyway.

    ジョン サイパル / John Sypal

    随写 vol. 8 / Zuisha vol.8


    8.26 (Tue) - 9.7 (Sun), 2014

    Open 12:00-19:00 Closed Mondays

  12. Sean vs Darren — Singapore, 2014

    Callan Tham

  13. Singapore, 2014

    Callan Tham

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    Beauty - Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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